5 Features To Look For When Buying A Centrifugal Blower For Yeast Production

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5 Features To Look For When Buying A Centrifugal Blower For Yeast Production

5 Features To Look For When Buying A Centrifugal Blower For Yeast Production

21 August 2015
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Growing yeast allows you to start a new business making money by supplying your compressed or dry product to brewers, bakers, and even consumers who love baking and brewing at home. The practice of growing yeast on molasses and vitamins has stayed relatively the same for thousands of years now, but modern yeast growers can turn to the power of centrifugal blowers, from a place like Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc., to keep the microbes growing evenly and quickly through the power of aeration. As you shop for the blowers to keep your vats aerated, look for these five important features.

Oil-Free Air

Blowing fresh and clean air into the fermentation vat keeps the yeast working in a fast paced aerobic mode instead of the slow anaerobic style. However, you can crash your yeast stocks by accidentally contaminating it with oil or lubricants from equipment like blowers. Ask your supplier for large air movers with sealed air chambers to ensure only air and nothing else is blown into the clean vat. Other blowers are not necessarily designed for separating air flow from the moving parts that generate the centrifugal force.

Microprocessor Control

Managing the oxygen and CO2 levels in yeast vats is a full-time, round the clock job when it is handled by a human employee. Choosing centrifugal blowers with built-in microprocessor controllers is the best way to keep optimal air levels in each vat, according to the individual needs of each yeast bloom. If a sudden increase in growth leaves the tank high in gas and low in fresh air, the microprocessor can turn up the air volume moving into the container without anyone being around to note the change and make a manual adjustment.

Of course, the microprocessor itself needs sensors inside the vats to measure gas levels, temperature, and other important factors affecting growth. Checking the microprocessor information from the manufacturer will help you find out what kind of sensors and alarms match the system.

Scaled Power Draw

Investing in blowers capable of scaled volume output helps you save money on the energy costs involved in growing yeast. Since the amount of fresh air needed in the vat can change from hour to hour as the yeast grows, this kind of equipment turns down the speed of the centrifuge without changing the pressure in the system to save you money. Single speed blowers won't necessarily disturb the vat, but the fans run more than necessary and inflate your electric bills.

Sanitation Filters

Watch out for bacteria and other competing microorganisms sneaking into your sealed and sanitized vats through the blowers. Consider equipment fitted with filters and UV sterilizers to make sure nothing overtakes your yeast colony and kills it. Sanitation upgrades also prevent

  • Dust from discoloring the yeast and clogging up the blower
  • Wild yeast contamination, since yeast is constantly floating around loose in the air
  • Cleaning product exposure as the vat room is sanitized, which can kill off the yeast inside the vat.

Sound Dampening

Finally, consider the experience of your employees as they check the vats and remove the mature yeast harvests. Centrifugal blowers range from extremely loud to barely humming, depending on the design of the compressors, impellers, and the amount of insulation around the equipment. Quiet blowers prevent hearing damage and allow co-workers to discuss project details while standing next to the yeast vats.

The size and volume of blowers for your yeast production system depends on the size and shape of your vats. Pick up your seeding and fermentation containers before shopping for air management equipment to make sure you get a good match. Over-sized blowers waste power and won't produce better results, so save more of your start up money for marketing your yeast products.

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