Foreseeing A Home Renovation? 3 Must-Haves For Your Safe And Clean Job Site

Being a homeowner and small business person isn't always easy. Learn how a industrial contractor can help you balance both responsibilities.

Foreseeing A Home Renovation? 3 Must-Haves For Your Safe And Clean Job Site

Foreseeing A Home Renovation? 3 Must-Haves For Your Safe And Clean Job Site

25 August 2015
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As a construction business owner, you most likely understand the various tasks necessary to run a safe, effective, and prosperous company. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough emphasis on cleaning and preventing accidents on your job site. Considering an estimated 4,101 workers died in 2013 with 20.2 percent of these fatalities being in the construction industry, ensuring your job site is safe and clean is imperative. If you are currently managing a renovation project, prevent life-threatening injuries and expensive accidents by protecting your contractors and job site. Using this guide, your construction site will be clean and safe.


Renovating one or more parts of a home or building an addition is a smart investment for homeowners, but the process can be overwhelming for your company without proper planning. While preparing the job site helps the project run more efficiently, it is also important for keeping the space clean and safe. Scattered, misplaced waste and debris increases the risk of accidents, so  preparing the job site before beginning demolition is beneficial.  

During the initial consultation with your homeowner, determine the amount of time your team will need for demolition. In addition, design a plan of action for removing the rubble from the job site. If you are remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, you may need to remove cabinets and floor. Demolition of this magnitude will create a great deal of waste, so consider renting one or more dumpsters. Be sure to add this extra cost into the quote for your homeowner. Continue here for additional reading on rental dumpsters.

Safety Gear

The majority of home renovations will require power tools and equipment, hazardous chemicals, and strenuous activity. While necessary for getting the job done, these requirements can be dangerous to your contractors without the proper safety gear. To prevent accidents and injuries, be sure your workers have access to the following:

  • Safety Goggles – Cutting wood, glass, or tile, spraying insulation or paint, or operating an excavator causes fine debris to float into worker's eyes. Safety goggles will block debris and toxic fumes from the eyes, preventing irritation.  
  • Steel Toe Boots – Be sure your contractors wear steel toe boots, also. These boots will protect their feet from heavy items that may damage their feet and toes. Also, the boots will protect the bottom of your worker's feet from misplaced nails and screws.
  • Construction Helmet – Your contractors should also wear a simple construction helmet to prevent injuries to their head.
  • Work Gloves – Durable work gloves should be worn at all times, as well. Gloves will protect your contractor's hands from strenuous work, reducing the risk of cuts, infections, and pain.

Proper Facilities

Your customer will most likely not allow contractors to use their personal spaces for rest, taking breaks, or using the bathroom, but your workers will need proper facilities for their own well-being.

In most cases, contractors will leave the jobsite for lunch breaks. However, leaving for a quick break or to use the restroom can become time consuming.

To ensure your contractors remain productive, designate an area outside for breaks. Allow your workers to bring a few chairs or provide them with a folding picnic table to place in this area only. A popup tent or canopy is also wise during the heated months of summer.

In addition to a space for their breaks, a specific number of toilet facilities are legally necessary, as well. One porta-potty is sufficient for up to 15 contractors, but a minimum of 2 toilets are needed on your site for 16 to 35 workers. For long-term renovations, consider hiring a cleaning service for your portable toilets.

Following all of the rules and regulations in the construction business can be challenging, but keeping your job site and employees safe does not have to be overwhelming. With these 3 must-haves, your home renovation job site will be clean, safe, and productive. 

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