The Choice Of Engine Oils

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The Choice Of Engine Oils

The Choice Of Engine Oils

12 April 2017
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Engine oils are one of the most important things for your car. If you do a good job at changing your oil, and maintaining proper levels of oil in your engine your car will last a very long time. There are a few different types of engine oil that you should know about, and each of them have specific benefits. When it comes to the oil that you choose to put in your car make sure that you are putting in the right viscosity. You will find this information in the owners manual of the vehicle. It is going to be important that you get the right viscosity of oil for your car's engine type. However, no matter what viscosity your car will take there are two main types of oil that you can pick from. They are synthetic and mineral oil, and this article is going to outline a few of the benefits of both of these oils.

Mineral Oil

The oil that comes out of the ground is often referred to as mineral oil. This has been around a very long time and for good reason. The crude oil is run through a refinery and cleaned up really well, and then can be put in your car. This type of oil does a great job when it comes to keeping the engine in great condition. There are not a lot of additives so this is a very natural oil that is used. This type of oil is going to be inexpensive and will last for about 3,000 miles. However, some mechanics will say that the oil is good for up to 5,000 miles, but talk with your mechanic before you keep the same mineral oil in your engine for over 3,000 miles. 

Synthetic Oils

Take that great mineral oil and engineer it to last longer and you now have synthetic oil. The synthetic oil that you can buy at the store will have a mineral oil base, but will have a lot of different additives that will make it last much longer. The oil is able to stay cleaner longer because the additives are able to trap a lot of the debris, but maintain function. This is modern day engineering at its finest. This type of oil will often last about 6,000 miles, but some mechanics say it will work for a few thousand miles extra. You will be paying more for this type of oil. Talk to your mechanic and see what oil he would recommend because they both have pros and cons. 

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