Three Reasons Why Your Aviation Borescope Has To Work Perfectly

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Three Reasons Why Your Aviation Borescope Has To Work Perfectly

Three Reasons Why Your Aviation Borescope Has To Work Perfectly

18 November 2017
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Working for a major airline as an airplane repair engineer, you have to make sure everything in every plane is working perfectly. That requires an aviation borescope. If you know that one of your borescopes is off by a little bit, do not avoid aviation borescope repair. That is dangerous in more ways than one. Here are three reasons why your scope has to work perfectly.


If the scope you use is off, you may get some imperfect images that lead you to believe that a component in a plane is fine when it is not. That can lead to a serious plane accident, which then leads to a liability lawsuit and a multi-plaintiff class action suit. Since airlines do not want the black eye of a lawsuits, your employer will track down whoever is responsible for logging that one part as passing inspection. If it was you, with the faulty borescope, guess who is going to get fired? That does not even touch on the fact that your error was responsible for hundreds of people and their injuries or deaths.


Aviation borescopes are not only used to find damaged parts inside planes, but the scopes are also used to predict which parts may go bad based on the level of deterioration, rust, etc.. A fully functioning borescope is able to help you spot and predict which interior components are not exactly ideal, and replace them before they become a problem. A dysfunctional borescope will not give you a clear enough view for you to predict if a part is going bad soon or needs to be replaced.

You Are Not "Ant Man"

Ant Man is a superhero that can shrink to the size of an ant and look inside very tiny places that most humans cannot go. You are not "Ant Man," and therefore you rely heavily on the borescope to help you see into places you cannot go. This is very important, as it saves the airline time and money. Time is saved when the plane does not have to be completely disassembled to inspect every part, and money is saved when the borescope spots the parts that need to be replaced quickly and efficiently.

Being Efficient at Your Job Includes Getting Things Repaired

As an airline engine inspector, you are not just efficient at inspecting and repairing planes. You are also responsible for your equipment. That includes the equipment upon which you, your employer, and all plane passengers and crew depend upon every day.

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