Want a Sigma Blade Mixer for Your Bakery? Tips for Choosing Between New & Used

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Want a Sigma Blade Mixer for Your Bakery? Tips for Choosing Between New & Used

Want a Sigma Blade Mixer for Your Bakery? Tips for Choosing Between New & Used

15 January 2018
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Sigma blade mixers have been wonderful for bakery factories that need to mix a lot of dough. While industrial-sized stand mixers with large bowls and dough hooks work for smaller operations, such as individual store kitchens, factory-sized establishments need much more mixing power. The dual-bladed sigma mixers offer faster and more thorough mixing, but the cost can be an issue, as it can be for so many other pieces of equipment.

Buying a clean but used machine is an option if you keep a few things in mind. Otherwise, a new machine might be better. Here's some reasons why.

Is Your Mix Edible?

Sigma mixers are used for not only baking components but pharmaceuticals, industrial resin mixing, and more. With a used machine, you have to look for one that has not been used for non-food items at all. The sigma blades used for non-food items can be difficult to keep clean—not always, but they can be with super-sticky industrial materials—and mixing material can get caught in different parts of the blade assembly.

Again, this is not always the case, but if you're using the blades for food, don't take a chance. If you can't determine what the machine was used for in previous lives, especially if you're not the only one who has bought it used, go for a new machine.

Do You Need Efficient Movement & Consistent Dough?

Newer machines will likely have more efficient and consistent blade movement, leading to more consistent dough textures and mixes. With the proliferation of food establishments and companies today, plus the demand for social-media-worthy products, beautifully mixed dough is a vital asset because that leads to better-looking final food products.

Do You Know the Mixer's History?

That being said, if you know the complete history of the machine such as knowledge of who used used the machine previously, then you might not need to be concerned about non-food items or poor performance for this machine. In this case, a used sigma blade mixer can be just fine. Just be aware that who you buy from affects the types of warranties and guarantees you can get, which is a consideration if the mixer is going to play a large role in keeping your factory moving. A new machine with full warranties is better if the machine's functionality is key to your operation.

Any machine you get for your factory needs to be in top working order. Many times this means buying a new machine, though there are circumstances in which buying a used machine works well. Contact a mixer manufacturer or factory equipment dealer to see models.

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