Technology And Metal Fabrication

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Technology And Metal Fabrication

Technology And Metal Fabrication

1 March 2018
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Advancements in technology have made a significant impact on the ways in which metal products are fabricated. Manufacturing processes that were once out of reach are being completed on a routine basis thanks to the availability of technology.

Understanding how technology is improving metal fabrication will help you see the benefit in upgrading your fabrication processes to feature technology-based tasks in the future.

Laser cutting improves accuracy.

When it comes to the production of metal components, operating within specified parameters is important. The accuracy with which a piece of metal can be cut to shape can influence the performance of the finished metal component. Technology has allowed metal fabricators to utilize laser cutters that reduce error and improve accuracy during fabrication.

A laser cutter can be operated using a computer software program that has been programmed with the exact specifications of a particular project. The computer then guides the laser cutting arm, resulting in precise and accurate cuts that might be impossible for a human worker to achieve.

Adding a laser cutter to your workshop can allow you to expand your services and produce quality metal components that will meet your customer's exact specifications.

Three-dimensional printing is versatile.

The use of a 3D printer has been reserved for plastics and polymers in the past, but the technology behind these printers is rapidly evolving to make them available to metal fabricators as well. A select few 3D printers now have the ability to harness the power of a laser beam that can melt layers of metal powder together to form a finished product.

The addition of a 3D printer to your fabrication shop will allow you to offer your customers access to a more diverse range of metals when it comes to creating the metal components they need.

A 3D printer also gives you the ability to generate intricate components that would not be achievable through conventional metal fabrication processes. This allows you to expand the range of services your fabrication team can provide, increasing profitability over time.

Understanding the role that technology plays within the fabrication industry is important. As more and more fabrication processes rely on technology, introducing high-tech equipment into your shop allows you to remain competitive within the industry. Consider the benefits of adding a laser cutting machine to improve accuracy and a 3D printer to help you create intricate components as you attempt to integrate technology into your metal fabrication processes. Or, contact a service like Garelick Steel for more help.

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