Considerations When Ordering Custom Cabling For Your Business

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Considerations When Ordering Custom Cabling For Your Business

Considerations When Ordering Custom Cabling For Your Business

15 February 2019
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When you are responsible for managing a business, you may find yourself needing to address a variety of issues that you may not have anticipated before. For some business leaders, this may include the need to order custom cables. While cabling may not seem like it is a complicated part of your equipment, there are many considerations that will need to be reviewed before you have custom cabling made.

Consider The Conditions Where The Cables Will Be Used

Throughout the process of designing cabling, there will be many factors that must be reviewed. A key consideration will be where the cabling is expected to be used. Cabling that will be used outdoors can be subjected to far more intense wear and moisture. Protecting this cabling from deteriorating will require incorporating highly-durable insulation and fasteners or connections that will not be prone to corroding. 

Label Or Color Code The Cables

Labeling or color coding your cabling can be another step that you may want to take. When you having the cabling labeled or color-coded, you can make it much easier for employees or other individuals to easily know where the cabling should go. If you choose to color-code the cabling, it is important to ensure that there is a significant difference in the colors that are used, and it is important to consider the needs of colorblind individuals. 

Use A Professional Custom Cable Engineering Or Design Service

There are many engineering standards and requirements that will need to be met when it comes to effective custom cabling. Unfortunately, individuals will often fail to appreciate the complexity of this design and engineering challenge. Hiring a professional custom cable engineering or design service can be one of the most effective options for ensuring that your investment in custom cabling yields durable cabling that can last your business for years.

Keep Spare Cable Available

Unfortunately, individuals will often only order the absolute minimum amount of cabling that they think they may need. This can lead to situations where they may run out of their custom cabling, and the process of having more made and shipped to you can take up to a couple of weeks. To avoid the types of production, maintenance or repair disruptions that this could cause, businesses should always keep spare cabling available. Additionally, this cabling should be stored in a climate controlled area, and you should regularly have employees take inventory so that you will know exactly when you need to make a new order.

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