3 Benefits Of Using Suspended Scaffolding

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3 Benefits Of Using Suspended Scaffolding

3 Benefits Of Using Suspended Scaffolding

7 August 2020
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While you can build regular scaffolding from the ground up, you do have another option when you need to create work platforms. In some cases, it's safer and more efficient to use suspended scaffolding. This kind of scaffolding anchors from above rather from below.

What are the benefits of renting these scaffolding solutions?

1. Easier Access to High Areas

If you're working towards the top of a tall building, then installing regular scaffolding might seem like overkill. You might need to build a tall tower structure to get to the level you need to work on. As well as involving a larger and longer build that extends the time it takes you to start the job, it also takes up unnecessary space on the ground.

If you use suspended scaffolding, such as a platform, then you work from the top down. You simply anchor the scaffolding you use from the top of the building to create a work area at the height you need. This is a quicker and more efficient solution.

2. Better Solutions for Unstable Ground Conditions

Suspended scaffolding is also a useful solution if the ground you're working on isn't in great condition. Unstable ground won't necessarily hold scaffolding safely and securely. You may need to do a lot of prep work first to prepare the ground for the equipment.

Sometimes, even these preparations won't work—your base area may not hold a regular scaffold at all. For example, if you're working over water, you need to find an alternative solution. Suspended scaffolding works well in these conditions. If you can hang the scaffolding, you don't need to worry about unsafe and unstable ground conditions.

3. More Effective Cost Management

The more work you have to do to create safe scaffolding that gets you to the height you need, the more money you'll spend. For example, if you have to build up to reach high areas, then you'll have higher material, time, and labor costs. The same is true if you have to shore things up on the ground

Suspended scaffolding reduces these costs. It is quick and easy to set up and usually requires fewer parts and materials than regular products. You can also customize the scaffolding to suit each job. This should give you cost, time and labor benefits.

To find out more about suspended scaffolding and whether this is the right option for your project, ask scaffolding rentals suppliers for advice.

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