3 Specialty Janitorial Products You Might Need On Your Construction Or Industrial Site

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3 Specialty Janitorial Products You Might Need On Your Construction Or Industrial Site

3 Specialty Janitorial Products You Might Need On Your Construction Or Industrial Site

19 May 2021
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If you're in the manufacturing or construction business, you know how messy job sites can be. However, it's important to clean up messes and keep the area tidy to protect your workers and to comply with OSHA regulations. To do that, you'll need to keep a few janitorial products on hand. Here are three products that are useful in construction and industrial operations.

Sweeping Compounds

There are different types of sweeping compounds that are used to absorb spills and clean dust from the floor without spreading it around. The compounds used in industrial and construction settings are usually two basic types, and often two different colors.

They have different colors for easy identification since one sweeping compound contains oil and works best on concrete and unfinished wood, while the other is water-based and works on marble, vinyl, and tile floors. You can buy sweeping compounds in large drums if you use them frequently.

To use sweeping compounds, you pour the product on the floor, such as at a construction site, and then sweep the compound up and throw it away. The compound grabs construction dust and grit so the floors are clean and protected from damage and so your crew isn't exposed to the dust raised by regular sweeping.

Heavy-Duty Trash Liners

Managing trash and debris is important, and you can't rely on typical trash liners to hold heavy items without ripping or puncturing. You can buy industrial and construction trash liners instead. These are made in regular or extra-large sizes so they can fit in drums and big garbage cans.

They are much thicker than typical trash bags, but since the thicker they are, the more they cost, you can buy them in the thickness you need. The thickest resits punctures, so they're helpful for cleaning up construction and manufacturing debris.


Paper towels don't hold up to heavy use and they aren't suitable for industrial cleanup. Instead, you can stock your workplace with boxes of rags. You can buy a variety of rags based on your needs. Huck rags are very absorbent and useful for quickly cleaning spills of liquids and oils. You can also buy rags made of terry cloth or soft cotton for wiping down tools and machinery.

The rags come in dispenser boxes you can place on a workbench or mount on the wall for easy access. You can dispose of the rags if you want, but you can also buy shop towels that can be laundered and reused.

In addition to these specialty janitorial products, your business needs general cleaning products and tools to keep your warehouse, construction site, or manufacturing floor clean. You'll also need bathroom supplies such as soap, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer.

You can find general janitorial products along with special products for your industry at a janitorial supply shop, so you'll have everything your crew needs to keep your work area orderly and in compliance with regulations.

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