Steps to Take When Purchasing a CNC Mist Collector

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Steps to Take When Purchasing a CNC Mist Collector

Steps to Take When Purchasing a CNC Mist Collector

29 June 2021
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Regardless of how new your CNC machines are, they will produce some form of oil that then enters the air. That's why CNC mist collectors exist. They're an effective collection system that will prevent oil from having a negative impact. You just need to buy one of these systems using a couple of key steps. 

Choose a Filter That Can Be Washed

A CNC mist collector will be able to work great for a long time so long as it has a clean filter. It will get dirty as oil enters this collection system. If you don't want to have to replace this filter repeatedly, then find a mist system with washable filters.

After a period of time collecting airborne oil particles around your environment, you'll take the filter out and give it a complete wash. You can do this a couple of more times and still get great performance from your CNC mist collector. 

Make Sure the System Is Lightweight

If you plan on setting this CNC mist collector up yourself or might have to move it a couple of times throughout the month, then you need to go after a relatively lightweight model. Then you won't have to put a lot of effort into moving it.

A lightweight CNC mist collector can be moved pretty easily around your work environment. That being said, you'll still want to exercise caution and probably get help from another person to ensure the mist collector isn't dropped and then performs poorly.

Decide on the Mist Collector Quantity

You don't have to just get one mist collector for your CNC machines. You can purchase multiple collectors if that's what your work environment needs. You will just have to plan on paying more for having multiple collectors installed as well as more costly maintenance.

Since you will pay more for multiple systems, it helps to make sure that more than one collector is required. Have a CNC mist collector specialist look at your site and the CNC machines that are involved around it. They can give you a projected quantity total that you easily comply with.

If you don't want oil particles having the chance to collect around your worksite involving CNC machines, make a strong effort to get quality CNC mist collectors. They will enhance safety and prolong the life of your CNC machines. You will be satisfied with how these systems work if you shop carefully. 

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