Protocols To Follow When Using Rental Scaffolds

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Protocols To Follow When Using Rental Scaffolds

Protocols To Follow When Using Rental Scaffolds

3 September 2021
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Scaffolds are raised platforms that allow contractors to work up high in a stable way. They can be rented for temporary projects like painting and siding work. If you plan on using one for a particular duration of time, take a look at these proper protocols.

Make Sure the Entire Scaffold Features Platforms

Scaffolds will have platforms that you'll be walking on to reach up to a structure being worked on. For your safety, it's a good idea to make sure the scaffold is completely covered with platforms. There shouldn't be any gaps that you could fall through.

That's going to help you maintain your footing a lot more effectively and just give you more confidence when on one of these rental structures. Even if you've used rental scaffolds plenty of times, you want platforms spanning the entire scaffold for your protection. 

Review Installation Instructions if Completing Setup

It's customary for rental scaffolds to be broken down when they're shipped because it makes them easier to travel with. That means they'll have to be erected on the worksite that they're being used around. If you're taking care of the setup yourself, make sure you look at the installation instructions carefully.

You'll have to install components in a certain order and you need to know what this is so that the scaffold retains its stability and safety. You might have to put the base together first and then include frames and cross braces around it. Every scaffold will have specific setup instructions that you can use for a smoother process.

Double-Check the Guardrails

Probably one of the more relevant safety features of any rental scaffold is the guardrail, the component that will keep you from falling over. You need to double-check this component after getting this structure erected. 

You can push against it and verify it is locked in place. You want to do this on the ground as opposed to being high up in the air because then you can make safe adjustments if there are any alignment or stability issues. Perform this step each time a rental scaffold is installed.

If you plan on renting out a scaffold to complete work around a building or structure, you want to figure out the best course for installing it and using it later on. Being diligent with these tasks can improve your safety and make this structure an even more effective resource for certain jobs. Keep these tips in mind when looking to rent scaffolding equipment.

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