Installing A Storage Tank For Your Business

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Installing A Storage Tank For Your Business

Installing A Storage Tank For Your Business

24 October 2022
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There are many potential reasons why your business may need to invest in having a tank installed on its property. To conserve space, it is common for these tanks to be buried, and while this can preserve the space above ground, it can pose its own set of challenges.

Unstable Soil Will Need To Be Mitigated

Unstable soil can be a major concern when installing a new tank on the property. If the soil is unstable, it could lead to the tank settling in an uneven way or it may even start to sink into the soil. If soil stability problems are a concern for your property, there are mitigation steps that can be taken. One example of these steps could be the installation of support rods under the tank that can spread its weight over a larger area. Soil stabilization procedures may also be used to help prevent these problems from arising with the system.

The Tank Will Need To Be Positioned Where It Can Be Refilled

While your storage tanks will be able to hold vast quantities of liquids and gas, they will eventually have to be refilled.  For this reason, you should be mindful when deciding where to position the tank. In particular, you will need to be sure that its access hatch is located in an area that can be easily reached. Otherwise, having the tank refilled could prove to be far more difficult, disruptive and time-consuming than necessary. This is especially important for businesses that will have a large number of customers on-site as the fueling trucks could require a lot of space, and this means it may be advisable to place the tank as far from the parking area as possible.

Leak Detection Systems Can Be An Important Feature Of Buried Tanks

Burying a tank can help to protect it, and it will also reduce the amount of space that you have to dedicate to it. However, this could also lead to challenges when it comes to detecting leaks and other problems with the system. Fortunately, modern industrial and commercial tanks can often be installed with a leak detection system that may provide some early warning when a leak forms in your tank. This type of early warning will allow you to take the necessary repair steps to ensure that the damage and contamination from the leak are kept to a minimum. In addition to leak detection systems, you should make it a point to monitor the pressure and contents of the tank to help you recognize unexplained decreases that may indicate a leak.

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