Things That Affect The Cost Of Your Excavating Project

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Things That Affect The Cost Of Your Excavating Project

Things That Affect The Cost Of Your Excavating Project

16 August 2023
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An excavation company can help you with all sorts of excavating projects, whether you're building a custom home and need the basement dug, want to put an in-ground pool in your yard, or have another major project in mind. As is the case with hiring any type of contractor, it's a good idea to contact a few local excavation companies and get quotes for your job from each of them. There are several different things that will affect the cost of your excavating project, including these three factors.


One of the first things that any excavation company you talk to will want to know is how deep you need your hole dug. Depth plays a key role in determining the cost of the excavating work. The deeper the hole, the more time it will take. Additionally, digging a deep hole can be more challenging than a shallow hole because the composition of the ground can change as you go deeper beneath the surface of your yard. Expect your excavation company to give you a breakdown of how different depths can affect the cost of the project.


Any excavation company that visits your property to give you a price quote will assess the type of material that makes up your yard. This material can vary a lot depending on where you live. Some areas have a high composition of sand in the soil, while clay is common in other areas. These materials are both fairly easy to dig through, which helps to keep your project as affordable as possible. In some areas, there's a lot of rock beneath the surface of the ground. Rock is obviously much harder to excavate, which means that it will be more expensive than sandy soil. There are often some ways to get around this issue. For example, in the case of excavating for a pool, you might want the pool to be partially in the ground and partially above the ground as a way of saving money.

Site Access

The ease with which your excavation company can access the job site will also impact the price quote. If you've just bought a spacious lot that is easy to access from all directions, this will help to keep the cost of the work low. A tight residential lot — for example, a lot that has a fence around it — will be more challenging. The company may need to use specific equipment that is designed to work in tight environments. Learn more about this topic by contacting a local excavation company.

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